Capmark Financial Group Inc.

Capmark Financial Group Inc. ("Capmark") is a real estate finance company focused on the management of its commercial real estate-related assets and businesses. Capmark is headquartered in Horsham, Pennsylvania and operates principally in North America.

Capmark's press releases and information regarding Capmark's distributions can be found under "Investor Relations."

Information about Capmark's distribution to its shareholders can be found under "Distribution Information."

Capmark's consent statement, dated March 26, 2014, and the investment transaction documents with Centerbridge Capital Partners II, L.P. and certain of its affiliated funds can be found under "Consent Solicitation."

Certain financial and other information required to be reported pursuant to Capmark's Amended and Restated By-Laws dated September 23, 2011, as amended, can be found under "Financial Reporting."

Capmark and certain of its debtor subsidiaries emerged from bankruptcy on September 30, 2011. On August 24, 2011, the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware confirmed the Company’s joint Plan of Reorganization. Additional information regarding the Plan of Reorganization can be found under “Reorganization.”